October Chamber Spotlight: SaBo Art Ord

What does luxury mean to you?  In today’s world, we have a desire to find luxury.  That could mean you treat yourself to a little extra self-care.  It could mean you buy designer brand clothing.  Maybe it’s a first-class flight to a private island for a two-week vacation.  One thing is for sure, luxury usually means custom, expensive and not found locally.  More than likely, you look outside of Valley County to find that illusive lavish item. But the truth is, small businesses can be the best place to find luxury and bonus, not break the bank.  One of those small businesses selling luxury is none other than SaBo Art Ord. 

If you’ve walked around Downtown Ord, you may have noticed a new window display on the south side of the square.  For those who’ve paused at this display to admire the artistry, you’ve seen SaBo Art Ord.  This new small business, which showcased in Ord in October of 2021, is owned by artist Sandy Boyce.  While Sabo Art Ord has a window display located at 1537 M Street in Downtown Ord, Sandy creates her luxury artistry elsewhere.  Initially, she made her creations in a small studio in the guest bedroom of her home.  Since beginning her journey as an artistic entrepreneur, SaBo Art Ord has expanded into an 800 square foot in home studio. 

Sandy’s history with art mainly consisted of pencil and watercolor mediums.  Recently, she has expanded into creating luxury with a new medium.  “I decided to give acrylic painting a try and fell in love with this medium,” stated Boyce. SaBo Art Ord also showcases resin and wood creations, but Sandy’s passion is customization.  This customization allows you to match your purchase to your own décor or style, which feels like a luxury only found in big cities.  To Sandy, offering custom services is not just about creating pieces that fit her client’s needs, it’s also about creating joy long after the gift is received. When you give a custom vase, for example, your loved one remembers that lavish feeling every time they refill it with fresh flowers.

SaBo Art Ord recently expanded their presence in the market with the new e-commerce website, www.SaBoArtOrdcom.  This new format has allowed creations made in Ord to be seen across the nation, shipping as far as California, Oklahoma, Oregon and South Dakota!  “Megan at Dietz Creative Designs here in Ord did an amazing job creating the site and brochure for me.  I highly recommend her services,” shared Boyce. 

Local support is also important to SaBo Art Ord, which is why Sandy features young artists each month.  In October, SaBo Art Ord will feature 13-year-old Victor Negrete of Ord.  You can see this budding artist’s anime creations throughout the month.  SaBo Art Ord has also featured another young artist from Shelby, NE, 11-year-old Layla.  To Sandy, shopping local is a great way to uplift each other’s art, businesses and even each other.  “It’s a great way to meet a lot of really nice people,” shared Boyce. And when we know the people who surround us and their talents, we share it with others which generates even more support within our local economy.  

SaBo Art Ord is showing no sign of slowing down in 2022.  On October 11th, you can find this woman owned business on display at Valley County Health System’s Celebrate Women Event.  In December, you can find SaBo Art Ord on display at the Holiday Maker’s Market in Burwell. For the month of October, Sabo Art Ord’s featured item is custom bath boards.  In November and December, the featured item is custom charcuterie and cutting boards, which make perfect holiday gifts. 

So next time you need to find a lavish gift for your loved one who enjoys the finer things in life, don’t break your bank by leaving town.  Take a walk around your community, there’s luxury all around. 

To order your own custom luxury from SaBo Art Ord, contact Sandy at saboartord@gmail.com or 480.593.7574. To stay up to date on SaBo Art Ord and Sandy’s luxury creations, visit www.SaBoArtOrd.com or follow on social media:





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