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Community Philanthropy

The Valley County Community Foundation Fund is dedicated to the improvement and long-term viability of our community.

The Valley County Community Foundation Fund encourages people from all walks of life to give back to their community by providing a full range of gifting opportunities. A volunteer Fund Advisory Committee actively works to increase charitable giving, create impactful programming and award grants to valuable projects and organizations that are addressing the emerging needs and future opportunities in our community.

Learn more from the 2023 Annual Report. 

Creating a Legacy...

With an Unrestricted Endowment

The VCCFF’s Vibrant Future Fund, an unrestricted endowment, is a powerful, permanent legacy. It holds a lasting impact in Valley County beyond current generations. Gifts to an endowment not only last forever, while VCCFF grants earnings from investment returns to support worthy projects throughout Valley County. 

As one Fund donor describes it, “Giving to an endowment is like contributing to an insurance policy for the future of our community.”

By contributing to the endowment, a donor will help the community address pressing issues as they arise and capitalize on opportunities for community growth and improvement as they occur.  


Please Consider Donating

All contributions are tax-deductible

Learn how you can build…

A Vibrant Future

And create a legacy with the Unrestricted Endowment

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Valley County is a vibrant community, investing in today, and focusing on a legacy of collaboration, growth and opportunity. 


Empowering people to create a homegrown legacy through volunteer commitment and financial generosity. 



We believe in operating with integrity in our commitments to donors and partners by maintaining confidentiality, practicing high moral standards and legal compliance, and honoring donor intent.


We believe in creating partnerships with organizations which support the development of youth, leadership, entrepreneurship, and charitable giving for the benefit of our county-wide community.


We believe all people have the inherent capacity to positively impact their community. We respect individuals and value their collective interests, strengths, and cultures.

Progressive Thinking

We believe in supporting programs and projects that address the changing needs of our area and offer the greatest benefits to our citizens.

As an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation, all contributions to the Valley County Community Foundation Fund are tax-deductible. The Nebraska Community Foundation is confirmed in compliance with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations, and has met the nation’s highest philanthropic standards of operational quality, integrity and accountability.

Please consider giving to the Valley County Community Foundation Fund and help us build a bright future.

Gifts of Grain or Livestock

For information on giving Gifts of Grain or Livestock, contact Melani Flynn. 

Melani Flynn, Chairperson

Information on Gifts of Grain

Information on Gifts of Livestock

Planned Gifting

For information on creating a personal legacy through a planned gift, contact Jim Gustafson, Gift Planning Director at the Nebraska Community Foundation.

Jim Gustafson, Gift Planning Director

Learn More

Learn more about the Valley County Community Foundation Fund from this video created by the Nebraska Community Foundation.

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