The Vibrant Future Fund: The Perfect Gift for Valley County

The Vibrant Future Fund-Unrestricted Endowment is the perfect gift for Valley County this Christmas and all those to come with future generations. Through the amazing generosity of people who care about Valley County, we have raised $492,000 to date for the Vibrant Future Fund campaign. This means we have 11 days to raise the last $8,000 to achieve the campaign goal of $500,000!


You know the outcome of achieving this $500,000 goal-The Sherwood Foundation of Omaha gives Valley County a 50% matching grant of $250,000 to build the Vibrant Future Fund! This means Valley County will benefit with an annual payout of $35,000+ in funding to support immediate needs and future opportunities in our county-wide community!

Contributing to the Vibrant Future Fund is truly creating a living legacy in Valley County that will reap benefits now and forever! The best part is the endowment is a permanent fund and it will keep growing and producing payouts for perpetuity! Gifts of all sizes are welcome and work together to build the endowment and ultimately a thriving future in Valley County!

As you look at the leaves on our legacy tree, what are your dreams for Valley County and your family? The Valley County Community Foundation Fund would love to learn more about your dreams and vision for the future of Valley County! Help decorate our Legacy Tree with your dreams and ideas for bettering our county! Stop by our headquarters located in The Golden Husk Theatre to make a donation and share your ideas! Your engagement through contributions, volunteerism and sharing of ideas provides beautiful gifts to our county that will last forever!

Donations may also be mailed to VCCFF, PO Box 56, Ord, NE 68862 and online donations can be made at You may call 308.730.8133 or 308.730.2294 with questions. Remember donations must be received by December 31, 2018 to qualify for the 50% matching grant.

We are incredibly blessed in Valley County with innovative, generous people who care about the greater good of our county-wide community. The Valley County Community Foundation Fund Advisory Committee wishes all a joyous Christmas season filled with hope, peace, love and grace. Merry Christmas!





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