Valley County Employment Returns to Pre-Recession Levels

Is it “the proof is in the pudding or the devil is in the details”? Either way, data don’t lie: 2011 Valley County employment has returned to pre-recession levels. In 2011, 58 jobs have been created, bringing us nearly back to 2007 employment levels. Jobs were added in nearly every sector, with important gains in manufacturing. I would bet this also accounts for the historic volume of sales tax income for the economic development fund along with the numberĀ  of economic development loans made.

For local leadership, this is fantastic news! As we reported last week, school enrollment is way up and the general feel of the town seems to be very positive. I would also suggest it’s the major reason why we have historically low unemployment and available housing. A strong ag sector definitely helps as well. Job creation is helping fuel a resurgence in Valley County.

See for yourself below. The data is reported from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which was visualized here.

More good news for Valley County.

Job Growth in Valley County



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