Valley County Boards Summit

What do we want Ord and Valley County to be when they grow up?  Can we answer that?  Do we have a vision for the next 10 years?

While we all may have ideas on what it should be, the time is upon us to discuss those ideas and how we get there.  In 2008, members of the Valley County Economic Development Board and Mayor Randy O’Brien had the opportunity to visit South Sioux City.  South Sioux City is an impressive community that has achieved amazing results in two decades.  One of the most impressive things that the board saw was how all the different governing bodies worked together and were aware of what each board wanted to accomplish and how this inevitably helped South Sioux City grow. Ever since visiting South Sioux City it has been a goal of the VCED board to hold a “Valley County Board Summit”.  Valley County needs to collaborate amongst each public governance board to effectively grow for our second decade as well.

Valley County Courthouse in Winter, photo by Helen Cullers

Saying that Ord and Valley County has seen significant growth is an understatement.  Many community leaders believe that by working together as a cohesive entity rather than separate silos of governance, even more can be accomplished as we work for common goals.  On December 7th, 6:30 pm at the Valley County Fairgrounds, the first ever Valley County Board Summit will be held.  This first meeting will consist of learning more about the South Sioux City model and hosting a discussion of the goals each board represents.  If participants find value in this collaborative effort future meetings will be discussed.

The Boards listed below have been contacted to solicit their input.  Here at VCED, we encourage all board members to attend but remember to post the meeting if all or most of the board members will participate.  This is also a public meeting and open to any that wish to attend.  While this will not be a townhall-style of forum there will be an opportunity to listen in on the discussion of the elected boards.  The the intent of this effort will be to allow elected representatives of the public opportunities to brainstorm and share ideas for future plans.

We look forward to this exciting development look forward to the participation of the governing bodies found in Valley County.  Check back in early 2011 to see the outcome of this event.

Boards Invited:
1. Valley County Supervisors
2. Ord City Council
3. Elyria Village Board
4. North Loup Village Board
5. Arcadia Village Board
6. Ord School Board
7. Arcadia School Board
8. North Loup School Board
9. Valley County Hospital Board
10. Airport Authority
11. Loup Valley Ag Society
12. Loup Valley Rural Public Power District
13. Valley County Economic Development Board




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