Social Media Training Sparks New Ideas for Local Businesses

Over thirty business owners, business professionals and non-profit leaders attended the Mike Bitter Social Media training held in Ord last Wednesday, August 22. The training focused on how to utilize Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to grow a business.

Attendees learned how to gather Facebook analytics to connect with their target audience, learned strategies to grow their social media audience and engagement and discovered ways to efficiently post to multiple social media sites at one time.

The training was recorded live and can be accessed on the Ord, Nebraska Facebook page. A link to the presentation notes is also included in the comments section of the live video post.

The training was brought to our community with sponsorship and support from the Nebraska Enterprise Fund, Valley County Economic Development, Central Community College Ord Learning Center, Affordable Social Media Inc. and First National Bank.

Valley County Economic Development, the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce, Central Community College and other partners look forward to offering other business education opportunities in the community. Feel free to share your needs and interests with us. Whether it’s an in-depth “how to” session for a particular social media site, strategies to recruit and retain employees or a QuickBooks training for beginners, contact our office so we can learn what topics local businesses would benefit from most.



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