September Chamber Spotlight- The Golden Husk

Arts and culture are an importance piece to the vitality of a community, no matter the size.  They provide a source of entertainment for residents and attraction for visitors, ultimately serving as a contributor for the overall quality of life for those who call said community home.  Arts and culture assets also provide a space for individuals to come and enjoy, be inspired, and create goodness.  Luckily for Valley County, we don’t have to look far to find that arts and culture hub.  

The Golden Husk is an iconic landmark in Downtown Ord with a rich tradition for inspiring arts and cultural experience.  It has served many purposes since it was built in 1928, but it has always provided entertainment for the residents of Valley County.  You would be hard pressed to find someone who grew up here who doesn’t have a memory of going on a first date, seeing their first movie, or dancing on stage at this historical building.  While the structure has been many things over the years, today it serves as a performing arts theater.  In 2015, the Valley Performing Arts Theater, Inc. (VPAT) purchased the facility with a grand vision to create a hub for engaging creative resources, empowering community connection, and enriching quality of life.  The Golden Husk was named after its innovative and on brand walls constructed of corn husks, which create acoustical qualities that are unmatched by other theaters.  The VPAT Board is committed to fulfilling its mission, Cultivating a Creative Community, by offering The Golden Husk Theater as a space where community members connect and celebrate the talents and gifts of our local people and enjoy arts and cultural events. 

Each year, the VPAT Board and The Golden Husk Director, Dahn Hagge, carefully curate a season schedule that attracts an array of audience members. From local artists, to community theater productions, to nationally renowned performers, ranging from music renditions to acting performances.  The Golden Husk stage has seen all kinds of kinds.  Every season, you’re sure to find a friend or neighbor step out of their day job and show off their skills!  This year, the Husk Community Theater is hosting a musical production of A Christmas Carol, staring John Ryschon, directed by Jesse Rosberg, with a cast packed full of locals!

The Golden Husk isn’t just dedicated to showcasing artistic talents though, it also hosts a variety of artist led workshops allowing community members and visitors the chance to learn a new medium, or just have a little fun trying. The Golden Husk is intentionally utilizing the theatre as a space for growing and sharing personal artistry and building awareness about arts and culture opportunities in rural Nebraska. Artists from across the state and nation have graced the stage to entertain and teach community members and area students. Young operatic enthusiasts have had the opportunity to learn from the UNL Opera Touring program and network with legendary director, Bill Shomos.  Dancers have performed on stage with the Latin Band, JARANA, learning salsa and mamba steps alongside Flamenco guitarist Daniel Martinez, while gaining an understanding of the cultures that influence their music. Young musicians have been given the opportunity to play alongside the World-Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra. Aspiring authors and illustrators have learned about storybook creation and Sandhills Cranes from local author and illustrator, Paula Warner.  The Golden Husk finds joy in identifying the passions of our youngest community members and matching them with first-rate performers and artists. The Golden Husk believes by creating these meaningful connections, youth become inspired to broaden their vision for bold dreams and dynamic careers within the arts. 

The Golden Husk also believes in supporting community.  “By buying local and creating partnerships with local businesses and entities, we can design our own destiny for a prosperous and joyful future!,” stated Husk Director Dahn Hagge.  This organizations strives to collaborate with local businesses, organizations and artists to create one-of-a-kind experiences that are unique to our area for patrons near and far.  

So next time you are looking for some weekend entertainment, be sure to check out The Golden Husk.  A ticket to this historic downtown building doesn’t just provide you with an evening of arts and culture, it supports the future of an artist, youth, a theater, and most importantly, a community. 

For more information on The Golden Husk or to purchase tickets for an upcoming event, visit their website  Stay up to date on all their previous and upcoming events by visiting their Facebook and Instagram pages.  To learn more about how YOU can get involved at The Golden Husk and share your talents, contact (308) 730-8133. 



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