September Chamber Spotlight- Gumb Auction & Realty, Inc.

Business succession can be a topic entrepreneurs avoid.  When an individual turns their passion into a business, they usually dream of sharing that passion with their children and passing the legacy they’ve created on to them and the generations that follow.  With a lot of hard work and a little luck though, that passion will live on for years to come.  Gumb Auction & Realty, Inc. is just one of the great local examples of the dream of one living on in many.  

Built on the tradition of hard work, honesty and commitment, this business was formed in 1986 by local entrepreneur Lin Gumb.  Gumb Auction & Realty, Inc. started as just Gumb Auction though.  In 1996, real estate services were added to their list of credentials.  Today, four generations, including Broker Lin Gumb and Associate Broker Lindsy Gumb Roberts, work together to continue Gumb Action & Realty’s legacy by providing the highest level of integrity and innovation in the real estate and auction process.  Gumb Auction & Realty, Inc. prides themselves on being a one-stop for all your real estate and auction needs from farm, ranch, recreational, residential and commercial properties.  Creating innovative experiences is a key component to their customer service experience.  With Gumb Auction & Realty’s 3D Virtual Tours, potential buyers can explore their new home from the comfort of their phone or computer.  It is a complete walk-through of the property as if you were physically moving room-to-room! 

If there’s one thing this family business wants the community to know, it’s that they are a trustworthy bunch.  You can contact them with complete confidence that your real estate and auction needs will be handled with the utmost diligence and confidentiality. Whether you’re relocating from another state, visiting Central Nebraska on vacation, or just moving across town, Gumb Auction & Realty, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to serve you!  

Gumb Auction & Realty, Inc. not only cares about their customers, but they also care about their community.  They partner with and support many local organizations that help the communities in which they serve.  Whether it’s 4H, FFA, NRA, Nebraska Cattlemen’s, LMA, NHSRA, as well as fundraisers and projects for the local schools, this business truly cares about the areas they live in and work with.  

To learn more about Gumb Auction & Realty, Inc., visit their website.  Stay up to date on listings and auctions by following their Facebook and Instagram accounts as well.  Keep an eye out for their upcoming events and listings! 



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