Pathway Bank – September 2020 Chamber Spotlight

Pathway Bank may not have always been its name but serving friends and neighbors in rural communities has always been its game.  Pathway Bank was established in 1902 and was originally named Cairo State Bank.  As its name states, the first branch was located in Cairo, Nebraska with a $5,000 capital investment.  In the early 1930’s, Farmers State Bank merged with Cairo State Bank.  Operating under the 1910 charter under Famers State Bank, the two establishments became State Bank of Cairo.  That name remained until 2007 when the organization grew and evolved to meet changing needs and technological advancements.  Thus, became Pathway Bank!  In February of this year, Pathway Bank celebrated 15 years of serving Ord. 

Even after over 100 years of business, Pathway Bank continues to be proactive in adopting technologies and services that best fit the needs of the communities.  Some of Pathway’s advancements include a full suite of digital banking options, including video banking and Person 2 Person Payments.  This ensures that as local children grow up and moving away, and as customers’ lives continue to get busier, Pathway Bank can continue to be accessible and ready to help.  Whether you stop in, call or connect through the video banking app, customers can speak with a team member who knows you and wants to help.  Pathway Bank is not only a full-service bank, but also offers lending and insurance services.

Pathway Bank isn’t done trying to improve technology and customer service though.  As they look ahead, especially during these uncertain times, they will continue to look for ways to make accessing and managing money easier and safer.  When asked about their plans for growth in the future, Pathway Bank representatives stated “We’ll continue adding technology that makes sense for the people we serve, but we’ll also do what we can to maintain personal relationships.  Whether in person or online, we want every person to feel comfortable and connected to our team.”

Pathway Bank believes in the future of rural communities and genuinely enjoy partnering with families and businesses to help them create a plan for reaching their dreams.  “There’s incredible talent and opportunity in Ord and the surrounding area, and by working together, we can make sure this community stays on the map.”  Pathway Bank encourages its community members to buy local and celebrate the accomplishments of local people and businesses.  By doing so, we’re able to lift up an entire community.  “Not only does this create a greater sense of pride; it inspires others to move forward with their own goals.”

As previously mentioned, Pathway Bank has invested in digital banking services in recent years.  This ensures customers can access and manage their money, no matter how busy life gets.  Digital banking is not only easier to access, but also elevates the level of service.  Whether it’s in person, on the phone, or through video, you can speak with a team member who is ready and willing to help.  Pathway Bank is also looking out for customers and their mortgage.  With interest rates continuing to be lower than they have been in recent years, they are working to make sure everyone has the opportunity to lower their payments through refinance. 

The Ord Branch of Pathway Bank is located at 124 S 14th St in Ord.  To learn more about Pathway Bank, visit their website, find them on Facebook, or call branch manager Dean Fahrenholz at 308-728-1455.



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