Ord Housing Authority – March 2015 Chamber Member Spotlight #1

“The Ord Housing Authority was established in 1963 with the Parkview Village Four Plexes and has continued to grow over the years.  In 1971, thirty scattered site 2 to 4 bedroom homes with garages, eighteen apartments at Parkview Village, and the Parkview Village office building were added to the portfolio.  Thirty one bedroom units were added in 1982 and were named Rolling Hills Terrace.  The early to mid-1990’s brought the addition of 10 scattered site 3 bedroom homes with garages.  All of the aforementioned units are HUD properties.  In 1996, Sunrise Villa a USDA-Rural Development project was added which is comprised of 12 two bedroom units.  At one time, a Homeownership program was offered which resulted in the sale of two of the 1970’s homes.  Currently, there are a total of 129 units of housing that are managed by the Ord Housing Authority.”

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Many visionary leaders dedicate their time to the continued progress and development of the Ord Housing Authority. “Your local housing authority has a six member Board of Commissioners that reside within the Ord city limits.  Each month the Commissioners meet in regular session to discuss and take action on housing matters.  The Executive Director oversees all operations of the housing authority.”

The Ord Housing Authority plans a significant role in our thriving community. “Ages 0-99+ are served through our programs, which could mean your mother, father, grandparents, brother, sister, nieces, nephew, ect.    Over seventy five percent of our residents are elderly, disabled, or children.  The average length of residency is between 3 and 5 years.  In our rural area, lifetime housing recipients are minimal.  Benefits to the community include tax dollars brought in to our school system, our residents spend money locally, jobs filled within the community, tax dollars spent within the community, as well as a host of other reasons.”

“Rents are based upon approximately 30% of family income.  Flat rents are in place to allow residents a choice in rent between income based or flat rent.  Income limits do apply and allow us to serve those who are in need of assistance.  We are able to rent to over income families if there are no income eligible families on the waiting list with the understanding that the over income families would need to move to allow the income eligible families to receive housing.  Rolling Hills and Parkview Village offer one bedroom units and include paid utilities.  Rent at these properties are anywhere from $50 to $347 dependent upon income.  Our scattered site units which include two bedroom duplexes, 3 bedroom houses (most common), and 4 bedroom houses all with basements and attached one car garages are given a utility allowance.  Rents at these properties can vary between $0 to $527 based upon family income.  Sunrise Villa rent can be anywhere from $0 to $386.  We do all the lawn care & snow removal at the Parkview Village, Rolling Hills Terrace, and Sunrise Villa locations.  Routine maintenance is included for all of our properties.

HANDICAP SIGN In 2013, we launched our Ord Housing Authority website www.ordhousing.net.  A wealth of information can be found on the website, plus our office staff is available to answer questions in regards to the housing we offer.  The office is located at 2410 K Street in Ord (just north of Pump and Pantry).  We can be reached by telephone at (308) 728-3770.  Through a grant, we offer books to the children whom reside in housing in an effort to promote literacy.  We recently began offering a program called RentWise to adults living in our housing authority units.  Nebraska RentWise is a program that educates people to be great renters and includes training on budgeting, housekeeping, looking for a place to call home, getting along with the landlord & neighbors, caring for the home,  energy efficiency, fair housing, and moving out.  To date, we have had three graduates from the program.  Housing authorities provide a vital service to those who reside in the units and live within the community.  If you would like more information, please feel free to contact the housing authority office.”

The Ord Housing Authority is an Equal Opportunity Provider & Employer.




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