On The Fringe – May 2019 Chamber Spotlight

Utilizing her innate creativity and pursuing an artistic hobby combined with the power of social media and networking has led to a new entrepreneurial venture for Kate Zangger.

Kate has been creating fringe and macramé products since December 2018 – everything from wall hangings, macramé planters, keychains/purse clips, macramé with wood shelves and car fresheners with lava beads to hold your favorite essential oils.

Kate shares, “I’ve always been a creative person and growing up an only child without many possessions forced and allowed me to be creative with all things that came my way.  I studied art and design in college but completed my studies in Business Administration because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make a career out of art.  Throughout life my creativity has come through in many ways.”

Kate’s talents extend far beyond her fringe and macramé creations. She’s had the opportunity to renovate their first home, design and implement landscaping, help others with home design choices, assist with various projects and design company logos and materials.

On The Fringe evolved after was intrigued by an ad for a few brass fringe pieces. A few weeks later she noticed different designs online that also caught her attention but she felt like she could easily create them herself. “In that moment I realized I could totally make them. Then I thought…”Is anyone around here making things like this? I’m going to!”  So I made several and showed a couple friends and got positive responses all around and one of them let me display them in her business during her open house and the response was overwhelming! I gained a little confidence and crafted some more, and sold, and sold.  Now, only 5 months into this little adventure, I’ve created more than 200 pieces! I’m thrilled to see my pieces going to new homes all across Nebraska!”

You can find Kate’s On The Fringe creations on Instagram (@onthefringewallart) where people can comment or contact her directly to purchase an item or to order a custom creation. With prices ranging from $10 to $110, there is something for everyone’s budget.

“Some of my pieces can pull you in and speak to you. A friend put it best by saying “I can’t wait to see which one chooses me!” and that’s how it is.  When you see the one you love, you’ve got to have it! I do get requests to recreate a piece that has sold or to make a custom piece and I am happy to fulfill all such requests if I am able.”

Her creations can also be found in seven different locations and boutiques in Ord, Burwell, Grand Island and Kearney. She’s also taken part in Kearney’s Spring Craft Show this past April and plans to have a booth at the High Vibes Yoga Festival in Omaha in June and the Kearney Fall Festival Craft Show in October. She’s also working on special pieces for graduation gifts, Mother’s Day gifts and Teacher Appreciation gits.

When asked about the importance of shopping local and supporting local businesses, Kate expressed that buying local is much more than just a business transaction.

“Buying local means recognizing and accepting your choice to live in this small community – not just be here (existing and living are different things.)  It means buying into this way of life.  The good life.  The life of a community of decent, hardworking people. So many people choose where to live and work and don’t fully assimilate into the lifestyle or culture of that place; constantly wanting more conveniences or different options.  That way of thinking is exhausting and unproductive. Living here in Central Nebraska is great. There are so many opportunities and things to experience, you just have to get out there and do them. Buying local shows you’re willing to spend a little more, drive a little less, use a different brand or get creative with what you need for a project.  It means buying the things you want here so that when you need things there will be a business able to provide it for you (like milk or diapers at 10pm or a chin strap for a softball helmet an hour before the game).  It means using local services too so that when you really have a need it’s here for you (like a broken tooth on a Sunday afternoon or medical care at 3am).  “Buying local” doesn’t just mean disposable items. It doesn’t just mean Ord. It means choosing this life, investing in this community and cultivating the place you want to live in by participating! It means spending your money in small communities with people who have made the same choice to live and work here too!”

Take a look at Kate’s creations on Instagram (@onthefringewallart) and contact her to purchase one of her creations or to order a custom piece.



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