October Chamber Spotlight- Applied Connective Technologies

The world is an ever-changing place, the business world included.  To be successful, sometimes we have to be prepared to grow and change with it.  One of the fastest growing pieces of society today is technology.  When Ed Knott founded Applied Connective Technologies, he never imagined his business would be where it is today. But because of their ability to move and grow with the changing world, Applied Connective is now serving multiple communities in virtually every facet of business technology. 

Applied Connective Technologies is a Nebraska based technology company founded in 2004 by Sandhills native Ed Knott.  This small business initially started as a two-man team, selling commercial phones.  Today, Applied Connective Technologies is a full-service managed technology service provider (MTSP). Some call it “a small business for small businesses.”  They’ve come a long way from their two-man team though, adding more than 50 experts at locations in Albion, Norfolk, Columbus, and their newest location in Lincoln.  Along with their initial service of commercial phones, Applied Connective also has added many services, including:

  • Manage IT including cyber security and cyber security training, endpoint security, managed firewall consulting, backup and business continuity, and cloud services
  • Phone systems including VoIP/SIP, hosted voice, traditional PBX, paging, conferring, and commercial cellular boosters
  • Physical security, including video surveillance, access control, and intrusion/duress
  • Infrastructure including data center, wireless, and cabling/fiber
  • Audio/video install, configuration, training, and support

One aspect of their business that has not changed though, is their priority of human connection.  Applied Connective believes in providing a memorable customer service experience with patience, compassion, kindness, and humanity.  They view interaction as not an obligation, but an opportunity to help spread joy and one way to give back to the customers.  As a Nebraska based business, Applied Connective has a passion for helping businesses and organizations move through the ever-changing world by leveraging the right technology. They take great pride in their unique ability to take care of every technological need their customers may have. 

Another way Applied Connective gives back is by supporting the communities they serve. Whether that’s buying local, supporting philanthropic endeavors, or just giving a hand to those in need.  To Applied Connective, to be a part of a community is to care for it, respect it, and to be loyal.   You don’t get that from big business folks! 

So next time you or your business needs assistance navigating the fast pace changing world of technology, don’t look for the big tech companies in metropolitan areas.  Look for the customer service and community of Applied Connective Technologies.  

To learn more about this Ord Area Chamber member, visit their website.  To stay up to date on all services and work in communities, visit their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. 



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