News from the Valley

Happy Friday! We have a lot of valuable information for you this month as we cover a lot of ground (literally) in the November Area Chamber Economic Development Report.  You can download the report here.

In this month’s issue, you’ll find:
– New Neighborhoods Groundbreaking and Project Information
– Chamber Business News and WinterFest Update
– New funding opportunities for website development
– ExtraORDinary Water sales information.

In addition to the news of the past month, I’m also working with four separate families in an effort to bring them back to the area.  They are interested in:
– Current Job Opportunities
– Businesses for Sale

Please check our available job opportunities to see if your available jobs are listed.  If you are an existing business that is interested in brokering a *confidential* exchange of information with a handful of prospective buyers, please contact me directly at

Great things are going on in the Loup Valley.  Help us spread the word far and wide!



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