New Sales Tax Rate Effective April 1

During the General Election in November 2018, 68% of Ord voters elected to implement an additional 0.5% sales tax to pay for the Ord swimming pool bond that was approved in 2016.

The new state and city tax rate of 7.5% will become effective on April 1, 2019. 

This letter from the Nebraska Department of Revenue to the City of Ord states, “On November 30, 2018, a notice will be posted on our website to notify the public of the effective date and tax rate change for Ord. Approximately 45 days prior to April 1, 2019, the Department will notify the Valley County Treasurer of her obligations related to this change in city tax. Late in February, 2019, we will post a News Release on our website reminding the public of the change in your city tax rate…We do not provide any other written notification to retailers.” 

Any questions related to your business’ compliance to the sales tax increase can be directed to the Nebraska Department of Revenue.


Changes in Local Sales & Use Tax Rates – Effective January 1, 2019 and April 1, 2019 (December 2018)
SOURCE: Nebraska Department of Revenue (8th paragraph)

Ord Voters Asked to Weigh Options to Service Pool Bond (October 2018)



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