New ChamberBucks Design Will Soon Enter Circulation

Since 2010, nearly $250,000 in Ord Area ChamberBucks have been sold meaning nearly a quarter of a million dollars has been contributed to our local business community in ChamberBucks alone!  The ChamberBucks program has matured into a sustainable “buy local” initiative for the Valley County area by ensuring local dollars are spent at local businesses. ChamberBucks also offers vast options for recipients of the local currency as they can be spent at any Chamber business whether it is for fuel, clothing, groceries, pedicures, auto parts, household items – you name it.  ChamberBucks Design - Old & Pathway Design 2016

A new ChamberBucks design will soon enter circulation but rest assured they can be used the same as any other ChamberBuck. Referring to the image, the top ChamberBuck is a sample of the current design and the bottom ChamberBuck is a sample of the new design which still represents the layout of an actual check. Both designs will still be accepted at Chamber businesses. Another convenient change is that each denomination of new ChamberBucks are color-coded – 5’s are green, 10’s are white and $20’s are blue – which will allow ChamberBucks-users and cashiers to conveniently identify each denomination. ChamberBucks never expire and can be used at any Chamber business (any business found on the online directory). ChamberBucks cannot be redeemed for cash and the entire face value should be spent during one transaction.

ChamberBucks are often purchased for birthday, graduation, anniversary and thank you gifts as well as for employee bonuses or customer appreciation programs. ChamberBucks can be purchased with cash or check at the Ord Area Chamber office or on with a credit card.

If you would like more information about the new ChamberBucks design, the ChamberBucks program or a list of Chamber businesses where the local currency can be redeemed, contact the Ord Area Chamber office at (308) 728-7875.



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