New Blood in Valley County

For decades many rural communities have fought the challenges that brain drain and population loss have created.  New hope has begun for Ord and Valley County, however.  From 2000-2009, the number of young people in Valley County has grown as a total percentage of the population.  This trend puts Valley County in a unique category among rural counties both in Nebraska and nationwide.

Valley County is one of a few rural Nebraska counties that saw the proportion of young people in the county grow – without an influx of immigrants or a presence of a four year college or university.  Those young people are working in or around Ord, raising families, owning businesses and making a positive future possible for the community.

A large part of this resurgence has much to do with the systematic investment that has been made in Ord over the past ten years.  Community development has produced a new hospital, a high school renovation and building project, a new fire hall, housing improvement programs, a new downtown improvement project, a new walking trail and an expanded community college presence.  A new housing development is set to begin construction this fall.

Most importantly, however, is that the new improvements are built on the backbone of strong business development.  As reported in the past, Ord and Valley County have seen 36 local businesses tap $1.6 million in sales tax loan funds, over 100 new businesses open, strong job growth, strong retail growth, strong wage growth and city and county tax valuation increases.  In just six years the total valuation of the City of Ord has increased by nearly $30 million dollars.  In turn, these increases have lowered local property taxes.

This would not be possible without partnerships that include the local business community, the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Ord, Valley County, Greater Loup Valley Activities, Inc., Loup Valleys Rural Public Power, Central Community College, our county and regional communities that shop locally, and most importantly, the local leaders and volunteers that have been at the forefront of planning and executing these accomplishments.

Principled investment into the future of Ord and Valley County has created a new reality for its communities and residents.  The positive population trends also point to a new opportunity for rural communities to capitalize on stable local economies, safe neighborhoods, low costs of living and low commute times.  Check the facts out online at, watch the video below or read through the links listed below.

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  1. ord-editor

    What’s funny Duane is your math – Valley has a posted a projected 12% decline in the past 10 years, not 20%. Credibility is key, as your posted “facts” certainly uncover that you have little.

    For those that know me and know my work, I’ve never glossed over the fact Ord and Valley County have a tremendous challenge in overcoming population decline. I’ve been public about this the 2 years I’ve been in Ord, mentioning it in conversations, public talks and written articles.

    Pardon my enthusiasm if I pen an article congratulating the locals on a job well done in creating an environment that has increased our share of young people as a total portion of the population. I’d be willing to bet you didn’t even read my article. Herein lies the problem – anytime good news emerges for our community, folks like Duane are quick to dismiss it as misleading or erroneous in nature.

    Why is it to celebrate the wins for our community? Why is it we have a collection of minds in this community that continues to tear down the good folks that try to build a positive future? The naysayers have plenty of opportunity to contribute, yet I see little of that on any public service Board or Committee, elected offices or else. If you don’t have a solution or fail to show up at public meetings, then what is it you have to offer?


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