May Chamber Spotlight- The Tree Folks

Planting a tree takes effort.  Before planting, you research the perfect tree.  You dive into soil types and climate zone for your area to find those that can survive. You weigh costs to purchase and plant.  Once it’s in the ground, you continue to care for it.  Watering the tree, creating stability for it while it matures, trimming its branches, and more.  Yet still, it’s all up to mother nature to help it survive and create deep roots.  Starting a small business can be similar to planting a tree.  You conduct market research, find a potential location, write a business plan and cash flow, yet it’s success can be left up to the current economic state.  One area entrepreneur combined their knowledge of planting trees and starting a small business to create The Tree Folks. 

The Tree Folks is an Ord based business founded by local Grant Calleroz.  This small business started as a side gig as Grant sold trees through online auctions.  The Tree Folks’ roots started finding depth though and continued to grow.  Today, The Tree Folks sell a wide variety of trees both online and in person, totally 10,000 trees sold per year.  They don’t just sell the trees though, they also plant them.  The Tree Folks offer planting services so you can enjoy your beautiful new tree without having to get your hands dirty.  A large variety of trees are available for purchase, including fruit trees, maples, oaks, hydrangeas and more.  The Tree Folks are particularly excited about their Arborvitae trees, which are a big evergreen tree for a great price. The Tree Folks current customer base comes from all over, including shoppers as far as three states away, but they hope to continue to grow awareness locally as a nearby outlet for high quality trees spring after spring. 

The “folks” at The Tree Folks believe strongly in the vitality of local economies and the power of the trickle-down effect shopping local can have on both communities and businesses.  That is why they keep business local whenever possible. 

So next time you prepare to spruce up your landscaping with some new trees, shop local and help a small business grow their own deep roots. Learn more about The Tree Folks by visiting their website  Order online and schedule a pickup from their Ord location or call 308-750-3651 for pricing on planting. Give their social media pages a “follow” for some entertainment and education on all their trees and planting services. 

Facebook: /thetreefolks

Instagram: @thetreefolks



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