May Chamber Spotlight- The Florette

The history that lies within a town is what can set it apart from the rest.  The buildings, the stories, and the characters of past years, all contribute to the legacy and vibrancy of a community.  Sometimes, the hardest legacies to keep alive are the long-standing businesses that have been greeting visitors and capturing new residents for decades.  Watching a business transition is incredible, as it is not an easy task.  Ord is truly lucky to have the legacy of several businesses transition and live on in new ownership and, sometimes, new families.  One of those legacies is The Florette.

The Florette “found its roots” in Ord in 1936 with its original owner Celia Zabloudil, starting as a flower and gift shop.  Over the next 80 years, the business transitioned to various locations and families who would own the business for a decade or two, then transition it on to the next owner.  The Florette found its current store front location in 1965.  

Kate Zangger took an entrepreneurial leap by inquiring with the current owners about the potential to purchase The Florette. The transition of legacy from the Radke’s to the Zangger’s was finalized in September 2021.  Kate quickly got to work adding her own personal uniqueness to the storefront and its products. 

Today, The Florette is a full-service florist and so much more.  Not only can you purchase beautiful handmade bouquets for any occasion, but you can also browse their selection of indoor plants, gift items and home décor.  The Florette carries small quantities of various products, which means there is always something new to browse when you stop in.  If you’re looking for a packaged gift, this business has you covered!  The Florette offers the ability to create a customized gift basket or package with various retail items to fit your budget, including jerky, a special beverage, or a gift certificate to another local business! They are happy to accommodate any request to fit the unique need of your loved one. 

Shopping local is important to The Florette.  Owner Kate Zangger stated, “As a local business owner and entrepreneur I recognize the value in people shopping local at my small shop and likewise I enjoy finding just the right items for my family and friends at the various businesses in Ord and surrounding communities.”  The Florette not only enjoys supporting local businesses, but they also support creatives.  They carry a variety of locally made, Nebraska made, and USA made products as well as items that are small batch, unique, artisan made items by other women owned businesses.  

To learn more about all the services offered at The Florette, visit their newly renovated storefront at 1430 L Street in Ord.  You can also view their items online by visiting their website at or following them on social media.

By supporting The Florette, you not only support local entrepreneurs and artisans, but you’re also supporting the history and legacies that make our community unique!


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