May Chamber Spotlight- Nicole Dennis Fitness & Training

It is the dream of many small business entrepreneurs.  Move to a new town, open a business and become successful.  Most of us watching from the outside don’t see the steps it takes to go from newcomer to success, but they are so important.  Nicole Dennis had that dream.  

Nicole Dennis and her husband Andy moved to Ord in March of 2017.  Despite only knowing two people from Ord, Nicole Dennis Fitness & Training began. Nicole started her entrepreneurship journey by teaching group fitness classes and personal training in mid-March.  “The first year and a half I was doing one on one personal training out of the basement of my home and at Augy’s Fitness Center in Burwell,” stated Nicole.  Word started to spread about Nicole Dennis Fitness & Training.  In October 2018, Nicole graduated from teaching out of her home to a small studio space.  There she could continue to offer personal training services, but also expand her business to include group cycling classes.  Eventually, Nicole needed a bigger space for her small business.  In October of 2020, Nicole Dennis Fitness & Training moved to the current studio location, the gym formerly known as New Beginnings.  In the new open space, Nicole offers one on one personal training, group cycling classes and triple threat group classes.  You don’t have to travel to her studio to receive fitness training from Nicole though.  She continues to teach group fitness classes in Burwell and also offers personal training at Loup Valley Fitness in Ord.  In 4 years, Nicole went from being a newcomer to Ord who knew a total of two people, to cultivating a successful business that now serves 85 community members each week.  

If you ever find yourself in a Nicole Dennis Fitness & Training class or browsing the social media account, you will see Nicole’s vision for changing stigma’s surrounding fitness and health goals and to create supportive environments for her clientele.  “I am certified in Pregnancy and Post-Partum Fitness.  My clientele ranges from high school to 80 year old’s.  I work with anyone and every fitness level.  I take pride in a professional, welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere.”  The best part about services with Nicole Dennis Fitness & Training though, are that there are no room for excuses.  Nicole has found technology to be incredibly helpful in the growth of her business.  Can’t make it to the studio?  No problem!  Join a personal training session or group fitness class via Zoom or through her new fitness app. 

Nicole doesn’t just have a passion for shattering fitness stereotypes and creating positivity though, she also supports the shopping local mentality.  “I 100% believe you can get everything you need right here.  I will always choose and promote locally owned businesses.  When you shop small, everyone wins.”

Whether you’re young, old, male, female, in a new stage of life, or just looking for some encouragement and accountability through a health journey, Nicole’s expertise and positivity are sure to help you.  If you would like to learn more about all Nicole Dennis Fitness & Training has to offer, visit the Facebook account.



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