Maschka’s Building Center – November 2014 Chamber Member Spotlight

As you drive through Arcadia, Nebraska you will discover a buzz of activity at Maschka’s Building Center. As a full service building center, customers frequent Maschka’s for everything from simple home improvement projects to new builds. “We carry everything you need to build or remodel a home from the ground up. You’ve heard the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink.” Well, we even have the kitchen sink.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

With their 20th anniversary occurring in 2014, owners John and Jane Maschka reflect on the history of their business: “We bought the lumberyard from Jim Trotter on July 5, 1994. We were newly married, college graduates living in Kearney. Mr. Trotter was looking to sell and contacted John’s dad, Kenny Maschka, owner of Thriftway Lumber in Ashton to inquire if he would be interested in expanding his business. Kenny was thinking more of retirement and suggested we look into Jim’s offer. And the rest is history.” Their 20th Anniversary Oktoberfest event, which included brats, polka and Husker football, was truly a celebration of the growth of their business.

When John and Jane purchased the lumber yard, they were able to fill basic lumber needs. They immediately expanded inventory to include a complete line of hardware. They continued to diversify their product offerings by creating a showroom to display cabinets, countertops, window displays, appliances, flooring (including hard wood, tile and carpet), closet displays and bathroom fixtures. The displays provide customers with a quality shopping experience and the ability to explore colors, mechanics and quality of the products Maschka’s Building Center offers. “We often get comments from new customers on how nice our store is and how much inventory we stock for such a small community. We remind them that we can’t sell what we don’t have.”


When asked about the importance of buying locally, Jane expressed that “there are a few reasons why it is important to buy local. We, as local business owners, support our local communities. We give back by volunteering our time and talent to community projects. We make monetary donations to community projects, local schools, 4-H and FFA chapters to name a few. We help sponsor fine arts and athletics so student activities can be broadcast on the local radio stations so all in the community can experience the student’s successes. Our sales tax is cheaper in Arcadia than in other communities. The sales tax you pay here will go to better your community. We can provide you better quality products than the big box stores.”

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It is apparent that Maschka’s commitment to their customers and offering them quality products and services has contributed to their success and growth over the years. Don’t be fooled by their store size…before you buy, give Maschka’s a try…”because we can compete, saving you money!”

Visit Maschka’s Building Center online or “like” their Facebook page.

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