Local business recognized nationally, again!

Brad and Gina Babb, owners of Sandhills Glass and Garage Doors, have receive more kudos lately for their efforts as rural entrepreneurs.  AEO, a national advocacy organization for microenterprise, recently celebrated Brad and Gina’s story, and others have taken note.  We’ve mentioned their recent accolades here and here, and now the Nebraska District Office of the U.S. Small Business Administration has recognized the Babbs as well.  The SBA June newsletter has the details:

Brad and Gina Babb with Jeff Reynolds & Gene Rahn of REAP, and NE 3rd District Congressman Adrian Smith

“Two years ago, Sandhills Glass and Garage Doors was on the verge of closing for good. These days, not only is business booming, but Bradley and Gina Babb, the owners of the Ord, Neb., business, were in Washington, D.C., up on a dais at an event introducing Ana Ma, the chief of staff for SBA Administrator Karen Mills.”

You can read the details in the SBA newsletter here.  The Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP), an arm of the Center for Rural Affairs, has more on Brad and Gina’s recent trip to Washington DC:

“That’s how Brad and Gina Babb found themselves in Washington, DC, introducing Ana Ma, Chief of Staff for SBA Administrator Karen Mills and telling their story to AEO conference attendees who rarely hear from rural small business owners who receive microloans. Ma spoke highly of Sandhills Glass, saying, “they have a great business model, so the fact that they were about to lose the business was heartbreaking.” Ma also pointed out that help from microlending programs led to Sandhills Glass hiring more people, creating jobs for others in Ord and providing a glimpse at how a small business loan can provide a lift beyond mere figures on a balance sheet.”

You can read the article in full here.  Congrats Brad and Gina!!!




  1. arizona glass

    Washington DC really and truly should do more to encourage small business to grow. Unfortunately, it’s big business that gives all the political donations and they get the greased palms. But Kudos’ to this story – a true success story.

    • ord-editor

      AZ Glass – it looks like they are going in that direction, but I agree. We spend a lot of capital woo-ing large corporate interests and *always* ignore the little guy. Thanks for the love!


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