June Chamber Spotlight – The Ord Locker

When it comes to picking the best cut of meat, “I’d rather take the butcher’s word for it.”  

Whether you recognize that quote or not, most of us would agree that meat lockers are not only important to local ag producers, but also to a local economy.  Ord is lucky enough to not only have a great locker, but to have watched it transition and grow.  

In 2015, Ace & Jessica VanDeWalle and Ida VanDeWalle purchased the Ord Locker from previous owner Larry Freouf.  While Larry had created a successful business, the current location was in need of repair and becoming too small for the customer base. The VanDeWalles developed a 5-year plan for their business, which included a new location.  “Being able to maintain the current customer base, as well as attract new customers simultaneously, was the foundation for being able to expand and grow so rapidly” stated Jessica.  

In 2020, Ord Locker expanded into their new location.  To some business owners, expanding a business in 2020 may seem like a terrible idea, but not to a meat locker.  If we learned anything from COVID, it’s how unstable some aspects of food production can be on a larger scale. “We hope through our expansion we have gotten our customers excited to come visit our new location and see how much more we are able to offer.”  

Ord Locker’s plan for growth doesn’t end with a new facility though.  They hope to soon be federally inspected and able to broaden their customer base by having product in multiple locations, such as grocery stores.  

Shopping local is especially important to the Ord Locker, as they now offer their own retail products.  “We now have a large, beautiful, fully stocked, retail product room.  You do not have to have a custom slaughter appointment to be able to purchase high quality steaks, processed meats, or pork products from our facility.”  The Ord Locker knows that shopping local doesn’t just mean keeping dollars local, it’s also supporting your friends and neighbors.  

One thing The Ord Locker wants everyone to know is its grilling season! If you are needing the perfect cut of meat for your outdoor barbecue or weekend getaway, stop into the Ord Locker to browse their large selection of fresh brats and polish, steaks, flavored hamburgers, seasonings for dips and marinades, and much more.  

Visit The Ord Locker’s new facility, located at 81380 Highway 11, and browse their new retail products. For up to date information on The Ord Locker, follow them on Facebook.



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