JOBS Grant Awarded for eCommerce Solution

My my, it’s been a wonderful week out of the office. Go on vacation yet the good news keeps coming – this time around we’ve found out that we’re being funded for our eCommerce tool for our local Chamber Business community. The Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka has agreed to fund us to the tune of $25,000 for the development and deployment of the eCommerce tool for our member businesses. That means we need to get to work – if you know of a Nebraska-based creative web design firm that has interest in this project, have them contact me at:

You can read our project description below (or download the entire application here) and also a list of awarded communities here. We’ve very fortunate to have this resource available, which wouldn’t be possible without First National Bank in Ord, Russ Blaha and the FHLB for making the JOBS grant available.

Check back here for details as we develop the specifications summary for the platform. 2011 continues to be a phenomenal year for us. More to come!!!

The Ord Area Chamber of Commerce, with staff support from Valley County Economic Development, seeks $25,000 in JOBS funding to develop a Buy Local campaign that goes one step further – takes the Ord area retail and services business community global. If awarded, the funds would establish an eCommerce website for local retailers and service providers a platform to conduct business in a cost-effective, global manner.

With the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce being the primary applicant, and support from First National Bank in Ord (both a FHLB Topeka and Ord Chamber member) and Valley County Economic Development, hopes to retain 25 jobs stemming from the development of an integrated, online eCommerce tool in the Ord area. The eCommerce tool would support the local retail, professional services (like attorneys, CPAs, insurance brokers, financial managers) by delivering a much wider marketplace that currently possible. As will be mentioned in the community needs section, the local retail and services industry is faced with a two-part challenge: advancing age of business owners and declining retail marketplace. Retaining 25 jobs in these careers will retain salaries as low as minimum wage, to highly paid professionals that see annual wages in excess of $75,000. Local officials feel retaining these existing jobs is critical to future community survival.

Additionally, it is expected that 10 new jobs will be created not only in the industries listed above, but also in agriculture as well. New online capabilities will allow already existing ag producers a conduit for locally produced foods like beef, lamb, specialty meats, popcorn and greenhouse grown produce. It is expected that the ag industry will seek entrepreneurial opportunities found my marketing and selling locally-produced foods on a global scale. Entrepreneurship is ripe on the Nebraska farm and local officials want to be the first Nebraska Chamber to officially support a methodology to sell locally produced foods direct to customers.




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