J&J Sanitation – June 2017 Chamber Spotlight

Safety. Integrity. Customer Service. Those are the core values of the team at J&J Sanitation, the dedicated waste removal service provider for over 25 towns in their service area.

Safety is their number one value – the goal of their drivers is to safely pick up your trash not only for their team’s sake but also for the community. Their professionally trained drivers take proactive measures to prevent accidents that could be caused by distracted drivers.


Their values of integrity and customer services follow suit – they believe in always doing the right thing for the right reason. The team at J&J Sanitation strives to hold true to these values each and every day.  They also operate by the business philosophy of being a fun, family-oriented environment with high dedication to being the best they can be in every area of their business.

J&J Sanitation, owned by Waste Connections, Inc., has operated in Nebraska for 20+ years and has grown over the years as the company has acquired several small businesses throughout the area.

Vicki Haddock, J&J Sanitation’s District Manager, shares “Our business has continued to grow and expand by being the best we can be in our industry.  We now cover a footprint of over 20,000 square miles of the Sandhill’s and up into South Dakota.  Our district has four separate locations that it operates out of.  O’Neill is our main location where all of our customer service happens.  So if you call us you will reach either Kim or Shaley in our O’Neill office.  Our Ord location services a wide radius around the Ord area and then we have small satellite locations in Gregory and Wagner, South Dakota.”

“Supporting each other locally is what makes our communities thrive.  The impact of buying local ripples out to all the people that we employ in the area, the people that service our equipment and provide fuel for us to buy.  We absolutely appreciate the support of the Ord community for our Christmas Promise Bike Drive!  2017 will be the third year we provide bikes to those in the area that are in need.”

J&J Sanitation’s next Christmas Promise fundraiser will take place on Saturday, June 17 at their Ord location (414 Riverview Drive). Dean Balderston, Local Operations Supervisor at the Ord location, and the entire J&J team welcome everyone to enjoy a burger and hot dog barbecue, bean bag tournament and raffles. The bean bag tournament will begin and 10:00 am and grilling will begin at noon. Advance registration for the bean bag tournament is encouraged – prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. All proceeds from the tournament and barbecue will be used to purchase bikes and helmets for local children in need during the Christmas season.




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