I Love Valley County Video Released

It’s finally complete!  The new I Love Valley County promotional video illustrates the great opportunities to LIVE, WORK, PLAY and GIVE in Valley County, Nebraska.  If you are from Valley County, you may recognize some friendly faces and breathtaking landscapes.  If you are interested in traveling or relocating to our community, this video represents everything our community is about – great recreation, progressive businesses, quality schools, friendly neighbors, and a wholesome quality of life.


The initial concept for the I Love Valley County video stemmed from the desire to provide a high-quality visual representation of our community for those interested in traveling and/or relocating to our great community.  The Ord Area Chamber of Commerce (LIVE), Valley County Economic Development (WORK), Valley County Tourism (PLAY), and Valley County Community Foundation Fund (GIVE) teamed up to create this comprehensive video representing every unique aspect of our community.

We hope you enjoy! #ilovevalleycounty



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