Downtown Ord Alumni Weekend Passport

The weekend of July 4th isn’t just about trying to create the best backyard barbeque or avoiding burning your fingers on a firecracker, it’s also about coming together.  It could be coming together as a family, as friends, as alumni or even as a nation.  This fourth of July weekend in Ord will also be about businesses coming together.  

This coming fourth of July weekend, Downtown Ord Business owners invite alumni to come see how Downtown has changed and current community members to earn amazing deals!  

Beginning June 30 through July 3, an eight-punch passport card will be provided to any customer that wishes to frequent Downtown Ord businesses alumni weekend. Customers will get a punch for a walk-in to any participating downtown business, and if they spend $20 or more, they’ll get two punches! A fully punched passport card will receive a special discount or product give-away at any of the participating downtown businesses.  The following businesses will be participating in the first ever Downtown Ord Alumni Weekend Passport:

  • Scratchtown Brewing Company
  • Anderson Pharmacy
  • Hey Honey Boutique
  • Ord Public Library
  • Valley County Museum
  • Grocery Kart
  • Something’s Brewin Cafe
  • The Golden Husk
  • Ord Veteran’s Club
  • GoodLife Pharmacy
  • Secondhand Rose
  • Carl’s Tavern
  • Misko Sports
  • Nook & Cranny Reading
  • Quiz Graphic Arts
  • CinTrese Boutique

The Downtown Ord Alumni Weekend Passport is made possible by support from Anderson Pharmacy, Hey Honey Boutique and Scratchtown Brewing Company.

While you’re out and about during fourth of July weekend, be sure to check out the many activities happening in Ord, including:

VCHS Charity Golf Tournament on July 2nd
The Golden Husk’s Stars and Stripes Concert on the square July 2nd from 6:30-8:00pm
Valley County Museum’s open house from 8:00am-8:00pm on July 3rd 
St. Mary’s School Open House and Pancake Feed on July 3rd from 8:00-11:00am
The Dan Klimek Sr. Country Run from 8:00-11:00am



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