City of Ord Receives $276,000 for Planned Ord Aquatic Center

The City of Ord announced yesterday that the Ord Aquatic Center received $276,000 from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development’s (DED) Civic and Community Center Financing Fund (CCCFF). In a letter announcing the grant, Steve Charleston, Director of the Housing and Community Development Division of the DED, said Ord’s application for the CCCFF scored well in the areas of project planning, financial support, readiness, and local public support.

Ord Pool Rendering - FINALThe addition of the CCCFF grant brings the total funds aligned to nearly $1.8 million. The remaining need is approximately $1.2 million. Addition funds aligned include $625,000 from the Alfred and Irma Burson Trust, 375,000 from excess sales tax funds, $150,000 from the Peter Kiewit Foundation, $20,000 from the Lower Loup Natural Resources District,  and $98,000 from private donations.

In response to news of the award, Valley County Economic Development Executive Director Trevor Lee said “This is a great shot in the arm for our replacement pool project. The City of Ord and countless local volunteers and donors have poured a great deal of energy and resources into this project. This also provides leverage to the City of Ord as it pursues additional grants. In addition to all of the volunteers and donors, I would like to thank the City of Ord and JEO Consulting Group for their help with this grant application.

The Nebraska Legislature created the Civic and Community Center Financing Fund Act. The purpose of the Act is to support the development of civic, community, and recreation centers throughout Nebraska and to support projects that foster maintenance or growth of communities. In effort to support this purpose, grants of assistance are awarded to municipalities from the (CCCFF) and administered by the Department of Economic Development. JEO Community Development Specialist Terry Meier reports that Ord is the first community in the history of the CCCFF program to receive funding for a standalone aquatic center.




  1. Heather

    How will you pay for maintenance and operations once it is open?

    I live in a small town in Washington State who also has $ to build a pool but they do not have a business plan.
    Thank you,

    • Ord Nebraska

      Howdy Heather! The City of Ord recognizes recreational opportunities as a public service, similar to public safety, transportation, etc. The costs may be offset slightly by user fees but not to the extent that access is out of reach for residents. Additionally, investments such as this, which enhance the quality of life, are part of our community’s economic development efforts, recognizing that recreational opportunities make our community more attractive for people to stay or relocate.

  2. Liaa

    Is the pool open yet?


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