Boards Summit Part Deux

Tonight the Valley County Board Summit will host part two in an effort to move a more collaborative governance strategy forward. The second meeting will be hosted at the Valley County Economic Development offices at 7pm tonight (1514 K Street in Ord). Rick Nelsen from Nebraska Public Power District’s economic development team will be our facilitator.

If you (or the board you represent) has not turned in your SWOT (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats) form please do so as soon as you can. If you are unable to bring or send the forms before tomorrow evening please bring them with you to the meeting.

Beaux ArtsWe look forward to your presence at the second meeting of the Valley County Boards. While we can’t possibly know where this effort will go, tonight’s meeting represents a tremendous opportunity to build  a positive future. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to comment below in our comments section.

Finally, I’ve reposted a poem called “The Builder”, as I find it an excellent representation of what we’re trying to do.  I’m looking at the naysayers and the critics of this effort out there – what do you have to contribute? So far, we’ve seen and heard very little in the sum of solutions from those that choose to tear county leadership down.  You still have an opportunity to contribute your ideas for a positive future. Instead of complaining, how about showing up?  We hope you’ll join us tonight.

The Builder

I saw them tearing a building down
A team of men in my hometown
With a heave and a ho and a yes yes yell
they swung a beam and a sidewall fell.

And I said to the foreman, “Are these men skilled?”
“Like the ones you’d use if you had to build?”
And he laughed and said, “Oh no, indeed…
the most common labor is all I need…
for I can destroy in a day or two
what it takes a builder ten years to do.”

So I thought to myself as I went on my way…
Which one of these roles am I willing to play?
Am I one who is tearing down as I carelessly make my way around?
Or am I one who builds with care, in order to make the world a
little better…because I was there?

– Anonymous



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