August Chamber Spotlight- Popcorn County USA

Sometimes the best way to reconnect with a memory is through our senses.  A simple smell or taste can take you right back to a special moment or fond memory.  The smell of a certain flower could take you back to carrying your wedding bouquet.  The taste of cookies could make you feel like you’re standing in grandma’s kitchen again.  If you grew up in North Loup, that nostalgic smell or taste is probably popcorn.  If you ever spent time at Nebraska’s longest running festival, Popcorn Days, only Popcorn County USA popcorn takes you back.  

Popcorn County USA is a family-owned popcorn processing plant that began January 3, 1979 in the middle of Central Nebraska.  It’s hard to miss their big red elevator on the east side of North Loup. For over 40 years, Popcorn County USA has been creating the kernels for this delicious treat and sending it to every corner of the world.  

Popcorn County USA is one of the biggest supporters of the North Loup Popcorns Days, for obvious reasons.  They supply salt, oil and popcorn every year, so you could say they are the “popcorn” in Popcorn Days.  North Loup Popcorn Days, which is Nebraska’s longest running festival, and Popcorn County USA go hand in hand, celebrating popcorn for 120 years! 

Because popcorn is such a snack-time favorite, Popcorn County USA has been able to grow every day since it’s existence.  This small business is proof you can reach the world while living in your favorite rural community.  You name a country and they’ve probably shipped popcorn to it!  Whether it’s by the truckload, rail car, ship or in the mail, they send un-popped kernels to schools, theaters, shops and more all over the globe.  

Spending money locally is also important to Popcorn County USA though, both personally and professionally. This business uses local growers to fill their bins with premium popcorn.  They keep families in the community by hiring local employees that strive to create the best product for the consumer.  They also encourage spending locally.  To Popcorn County USA, buying locally helps keep jobs at home, encourages the “down home friendly atmosphere,” and encourages community members to connect with their neighbor.  Dollars spent at home are dollars that help at home.  

If you share Popcorn County USA’s shop local sentiment and love a good crunchy snack, then stop by their storefront in North Loup.  You can also find their popcorn in our region’s movie theatres, including in Burwell and Broken Bow.  Of course, you can always enjoy Popcorn USA at the 120th North Loup Popcorn Days celebration on August 20-22, 2021. To learn more about all things Popcorn County USA, with their website at  

In the words of Popcorn County USA, you should never have to go without popcorn!



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