August Chamber Spotlight- Nook & Cranny Reading- Kimberly Newquist Reading Coach

We’ve all heard the saying “it takes a village.”  That can easily be equated to raising children.  As parents, its piece of mind when we find experts who can help our children reach their highest potential. It’s even more refreshing when children enjoy the task at hand so much that they don’t even know their learning!  Nook & Cranny is one of those experts, teaching children and easing parents’ minds.  

In 2018, Kim Newquist decided to turn her passion for teaching and reading into a service families could utilize by creating Nook & Cranny Reading- Kimberly Newquist Reading Coach.  With the creation of Nook & Cranny, Kimberly began offering one on one reading sessions with children to help them achieve their literary goals.  As her business grew, Nook & Cranny began offering other services, including helping homeschool parents supplement their reading curriculum by offering morning appointments in the fall, winter and spring and also by working with preschool children to assist with letter recognition and sounds to build toward reading.  

At Nook & Cranny, personalization for each session is important.  Kimberly stives to meet her students where they’re at, learning their current reading level and pace then assisting them in building strong reading skills through a phonics reading program.  Take one look at Nook & Cranny’s Facebook page, and you’ll see this personalization method pay off in the form of giant smiles from children “catching fish” as they excel beyond their reading goals.   

Nook & Cranny doesn’t just meet the needs of readers by offering services, they also have retail items!  As children expanding their reading capacities, they can also browse for great books they can purchase and take home for more “practice.”  You’ll often find Kim taking Nook & Cranny on the road to support the community and attend vendor fairs with her selection of literary retail.  

Kimberly understands the cycle of support shopping local creates.  When you purchase from small businesses, like Nook & Cranny, you support families who also spend money locally.  The more you shop locally, the more community goodness you create.  “That means by shopping local, you help create jobs for your friends and neighbors, contribute to improved public infrastructure, and invest in your community both socially and economically,” shared Kimberly. 

As summer winds down, Nook & Cranny is gearing up for their 2022-23 Sessions.  Fall reading sessions begin September 12, 2022 and last through December 2, 2022.  Spring Sessions begin January 16, 2022 and last through April 28, 2023. 

Families interested in reading session at Nook & Cranny should call (308) 730-0137 or email

Coaches, teachers, friends, family….it takes a village to raise the next generation of community members, entrepreneurs and civic leaders.  With a little help from community members, and businesses like Nook & Cranny,  the future is bright!



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