April Chamber Spotlight- Elev8 308

Imagine starting a new business.  The idea sounds a little scary but may not if that business involves doing something you love.  Now, imagine starting that business in a community more than a three-hour drive from where you currently live.  The idea is getting a little scarier right?  Now imagine starting that business in a new far-off community, moving your family to that community, at the start of a global pandemic.  Having heart palpations yet?

Connor Doyle didn’t let the COVID-19 pandemic stop him from pursing his dreams.  After 8 years of working as a License B Contractor in the greater Omaha area, gaining knowledge completing high-end residential and commercial remodels, the Doyle’s were ready to return their roots to the Sandhills and build their business.  On March 16, 2022, Connor Doyle founded his own central Nebraska based construction company, appropriately named Elev8 308, and the Doyle’s became Burwell residents. 

The start of Elev8 308 was during uncertain times.  The pandemic had just begun and the Doyles were new to town.  Elev8 308 started taking smaller jobs to gain a foothold in the local market.  It quickly became evident that the pandemic was not slowing down the construction industry at all and Elev8 308 began building their team.  The small projects rapidly grew larger and larger, as did the community’s knowledge of this young business.  Elev8 went from spending their hours on small remodeling jobs, to shifting their focus to new home construction and large remodels.  

While Elev8 308 is a young company, they’ve brought together a team of innovative craftsmen who provide premium remodeling and new home service items.  They find joy in working with clients to maximize their space to provide a turnkey project.  Because of their rapid growth, Connor and the team added to their list of offerings, including Interior Design & Drafting services.  With these new services, Elev8 308 can provide their clients with a realistic design experience during consultations.  This design experience allows you to see your remodel or new home before the first nail is hammered.  The team at Elev8 308 never forgets where they began though.  While they happily accept the challenge of large projects, they recognize there is a strong need for contractors in the area willing to continue doing the small gigs.  They continue to stay curious about these needs and are working to build their team of craftsman that allows them the flexibility to bridge that gap in services. 

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The team at Elev8 308 wants their current and future customers to know they value communication, both within their team, as well as with their clients and vendors.  Connor and his team provide transparency and clarity both before and during the progression of each project.  Elev8 308 feels this is the best way to provide their clients with an amazing, finished project while minimizing confusion and energy drain commonly associated with construction projects.  This small business understands your construction project, no matter how big or small, is an investment in yourself and they take great pride in the trust their clients place in their hands.  

Elev8 308 likes to return the warm welcome they were given to the community two years ago by uplifting and supporting other area small businesses, sourcing their materials locally.  Purchasing from small businesses allows their team, as well as their clients, to create a chain of support in the community.  To Elev8 308, small businesses are a reflection of an owner’s personality, each one adding its own unique piece of charm and character to the community. They are thankful for the opportunity to work with several area business to improve their environments and overall business functionality.  

When asked what additional information Elev8 308 wanted to share with the community, the Doyles had nothing but gratitude to share.  “Thank you to the community for the warm welcome and support for our business.  From clients, vendors, trade partners & the communities we serve, everyone has been so kind and supportive.  A sincere heartfelt thank you from all of us at Elev8 308!”

Elev8 308 is proof that with community support, a great team and some bravery, you can turn your dream into a business.  Even in the middle of a move.  Even at the beginning of a pandemic.  

If you’d like to learn more about this brave, new business and their work you can visit their website or various social media sites.  

Facebook: Elev8308

Instagram: elev8.308

Website: www.Elev8308.com



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