An Innovative Way to Fund Essential Community Services

Many of my colleagues and rural residents across Nebraska often ask me how they can fund essential community services like parks, recreation and the like. One brilliant idea is right here in Ord – Second Hand Rose. Second Hand Rose is a thrift store staffed completely by volunteers (the Valley County Health System Auxiliary) and the proceeds of sales go toward supporting health care delivery in Valley County and the surrounding area. The thrift shop was opened in 2005.

What is mind blowing about 2ndHR is the value it brings to our community: since 2005 (just six years), they have given more than $100,000 since the opening of the thrift shop!

When I travel across rural Nebraska, people often ask me how we do it in Valley County. I answer that creativity plays a big part, but more importantly, a willingness to collaborate across organizations, businesses and institutions is critical. We’ve entered a new paradigm in this country and innovative fundraising ideas are essential to the survival of community services. I know in Cody, Nebraska, a community-run grocery store (staffed by students!!) is helping keep high quality food in town and prevents a food desert from occurring (click here for details on what food deserts are).

So, this spring, when you’re cleaning out the closets and the clutter, consider donating your well-loved clothing, items and more to Second Hand Rose. Because in the end, you’re not supporting just the thrift shop, you’re supporting your community.

To learn more about Second Hand Rose, consider attending their $100,000 donated sales celebration on May 3rd. Details can be found on Facebook here.

The store is staffed completely by Auxiliary volunteers and is open four days per week. The Second Hand Rose sells a wide variety of quality, new and used merchandise including clothing, purses, shoes and accessories, fabric remnants, household items, small furniture, home decor, craft items, books and more.

Store Hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

1537 M Street
Ord, Nebraska





  1. Bethanne

    Caleb: Thanks for the promotion of the wonderful volunteer services of these group of ladies! They truly have made a difference in the lives of many area residents through their donations of medical equipment at VCHS. We greatly appreciate all they have done and continue to do!

    • ord-editor

      Recognition is deserved for such an amazing gift to our area residents. I see this as a fundamentally innovative idea for community betterment and those that have been involved deserve a BIG THANK YOU from the community. I appreciate their service to the community!


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