Agland Electric & Irrigation – July 2016 Chamber Member Spotlight

Throughout the past 17 years, Agland Electric & Irrigation has expanded their product and service offerings, grown their workforce team and built trusting relationships with customers. Their story begins in 1999 when Agland Electric purchased Smedra’s Electric Motor Repair from John Smedra as an electric motor repair shop. In 2000, Valley Irrigation was in need of a dealer to service the area so they pursued the dealership opportunity and changed their name to the Agland Electric & Irrigation. Corey Schaaf was then hired in the Fall of 2002 as a service technician and salesman to assist John with the irrigation division. Agland Electric started out as a two-man crew with a part-time secretary working out of a two-car garage south of the Old Country General Store. In the Fall of 2003, they identified additional opportunities in the pivot market based on the demand for more crops with less water usage which led to the construction of a new facility at the Mortensen Industrial Site on the northwest edge of Ord.


Their facility was originally built to be four times the size of their original building but after the growth from three employees to their current team of twelve, they have added on to their shop once already and have leased another three acres from the Mortensen Site to store equipment and outside inventory.

During the summer months, Agland runs four service trucks every day to support their customers in growing a bountiful crop. You will also find additional support vehicles traveling throughout the area to make repairs to underground pipe and wire, well motors and panels and pivot wrecks.


Agland’s growth and stability comes from their dedicate service staff with 73 years of combined irrigation experience and their ability to provide customers with a convenient, one-stop irrigation shop they can depend on. “When we first started out, we were constantly having to order parts for our customers, now with our expanded inventory we are able to get the customer up and running in hours instead of days because corn doesn’t stop growing for a broke down pivot.” Agland stocks a complete line of parts for Valley and competitive pivots as well as motors from 10 to 150 horsepower. “We are committed to our customers’ long term success by stocking parts they will need when they need them.”

Their exceptional service and dedication to their customers has certainly not gone unnoticed. Agland has been recognized by Valley for numerous Performance Plus Dealer awards as well as the Top 10 Dealer award for Technology and Controls for 2015-2016. Agland is committed to helping their customers manage and control their operation remotely.

Not only is their business thriving, their support of the local community has been increasingly present as well. Cory feels it is very important to support local businesses in order for everyone to keep the doors open. Agland purchases as many products as they can from local stores and nearly everything is American made. Cory also believes it is important to support our youth and their activities such as the County Fairs, FFA, ball teams, Elyria Pumpkin Festival and a variety of other events.

Learn more about Agland Electric & Irrigation by visiting their website or Facebook page.



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