Ag Pro Insurance – March 2020 Chamber Spotlight

Agriculture has been the foundation of Ag Pro Insurance since Steve Vech sold his first crop insurance policy in 1975 but the company has grown to offer a more diverse selection of insurance products since then.

Steve’s first insurance sale occurred when he was also working within the banking system and raising his family in the Ord area. Eventually, Steve made an independent move and started Vech Crop Insurance.

In 2007, the business name changed to Ag Pro Insurance, Inc., strengthening the company’s foothold in the community and enhancing the opportunity for growth and expansion of services. Steve’s son Dan joined the business in 2010. Five years later, their services broadened even more to include commercial business and personal lines of coverage which was a catalyst for growing their staff as well.

With a direct involvement in the farming and ranching industry, Ag Pro Insurance offers a unique understanding of their clients’ needs. They also operate as an independent agency which allows flexibility to work with a variety of companies to research the best coverage and dollar value for clients.

Some of the markets they have access to include crop insurance, livestock, irrigation, farm owners, renters, business protection, general liability, builders risk, workers comp, bonds, flood insurance, home owner, auto, ATV, public officials bonds and contractors bonds.

They are committed to face-to-face interactions to help build trust when it comes to protecting what is important to their clients, like their family, home, farm and business endeavors.  They care about their clients just like they care about their community which they also want to see thrive.

Dan expressed his passion for the local community by sharing, “A community of real people verses a community of virtual people. This is why I am here; why I get involved and why I shop locally.  This is a reality that I want for my children, for future generations.” 

Sheri Goodrich demonstrates her passion for personal interactions with her clients at Ag Pro Insurance just like she does when she’s out in the community. She mentions that, “We have become a society of convenience.  I feel it is important to remember to take advantage of the huge convenience of services right here at home as often as we can.  It may be nostalgic, but I am on a first name basis with my mechanic, with my produce guy at the grocery store, and that means a lot to me.”

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