2010 Economic Development Fund Use

We are in the process of releasing our 2010 Annual Report and a decade-long look back at ten years of focused economic development in Valley County.  The data has me both surprised and a little perplexed – in a very good way – about the last decade of growth in Valley County.  When we release our report, I think the results will surprise you.

Every January, we also release figures and data on how the municipal option for economic development fund has been used.  This fund usually referred to the sales tax fund for economic development.  Recall, this fund is used fund growth opportunities in Valley County, be they marketing projects, housing or low-interest loans to businesses.  The fund, authorized by LB840, allocates 4/10 of 1% of sales tax purchases in Ord and can be used for economic development projects.  What is unique for Ord and Valley County is that very little of this fund, 4% of $650, 409, goes toward paying salaries at both the City and the Economic Development offices.  96% of our annualized use supports project-specific economic development efforts in Ord and Valley County.

Have  a peek below at our year-end fund use.  One last bit of editorial by me: this fund is single-handedly the most important tool to growing our community.  I still scratch my head as to why some communities still don’t see the wisdom for using this program for their needs.  Their loss is our gain. ~ Caleb



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